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One of the most important factors in present architectural designing are fire safety conditions and solutions.

In KWADRAT Polska during the design process we include multiple regulation requirements, not only based on commonly known Polish Building Law and Infrastructure Ministry Act of Technical Conditions for buildings and their location, but also complementary acts and norms, such as:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Act of buildings, bulding objects and terrains fire–safety protection;

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Act of fire–safety water supply and fire–safety roads;

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Act of building permit design approval for fire–safety conditions;

  • Polish Norms, such as last norm on fire–safety tanks requirements
    Building Protection. Fire–safety tanks. General requirements.

There are many specific design issues and conditions in industrial designing presently, such as so called "Box–in–Box" issue — proper fire–safety partition parameters of buildings inside the halls, multilevel mezzanines — Picktowers, implementation of fire–safety installations according to foreign design norms — for instance NFPA in case of sprinkler and smoke exhaust installations, their corelation to Polish regulations, changes in interpretations of regulations, external requirements in designing from insurance companies and many more.

Knowledge of the above topics is essential for proper designing of this type and scale of buildings and later also buildings reception procedures with Polish Fire Brigade institutuion.


Moreover, present fire–safety receptions are very thoroughly performed not only in accordance with the design solutions, but also with their general regulaitons compliance. In the end, the detailed know–how of KWADRAT Polska and the ability to apply regulations properly is based on extensive experience and self–knowledge, rather than solely relying on Fire–safety Experts opinions, which are mandatory in Polish design process.