Conference Center “Joy of Life” in Gdansk


The Gdansk Conference Center “Joy of life” is a multifunctional facility designed by KWADRAT Polska, which will be built in the intensively expanding seaside district of Letnica, in the immediate vicinity of prestigious city facilities — the Energa Gdańsk stadium,

the AmberExpo exhibition center and the future Nautilus aquarium.


The facility will combine cultural, educational, gastronomic, office and conference functions. Designers were guided by the idea of ​​creating an open space for various social initiatives, so individual sections of the building were designed so that they could function completely independently of the others. The building is to be a multifunctional meeting place integrating individual "containers" of initiatives and activities.


The heart of the facility will be a modern concert hall with a capacity of 1,200 guests. The auditorium was designed as a multifunctional space, allowing free shaping through mobile stands and the stage. In the immediate vicinity of the concert hall, full technical facilities have been designed to accommodate comfortable space for speakers, artists, a recording studio and magazines.


The adjacent wing of the facility will contain, among others, a two–story gastronomic space, meeting places for authors and concerts, an exhibition space, an independent kindergarten, a music club, an educational center for children and even a wing of offices for rent.


The facility designed by KWADRAT Polska gives wide possibilities of organizing conferences, workshops, meetings, trainings, presentations, lectures, concerts, projections, performances both in the main hall and in several independent rooms for a dozen to several hundred people.