Reclamation of the former coking plant



In the place of the former coking plant in Ruda Śląska, is going to be open a new space for the city residents. The first works are underway.


The whole investment area has been divided into two areas. The one that adjoins the historic buildings of the former coking plant will be developed with park alleys and small architecture buildings. There will be pavements, playgrounds, parking, as well as benches, tables, baskets, lanterns and a public toilet. The ruined buildings remaining after the plant will be restored and secured, and an educational trail will be set between them. However, the northern part of the park will be a green area without marked paths.

But the first and most important step towards the new space for the city residents is a remediation of the contaminated area.


KWADRAT Polska is responsible for the land development project and facilities under strict conservation protection: a series of coke ovens, a tar tank and a coal tower building.


The investment will be completed by 2021.