3 years with BIM technology

Niewyraźne ludzie Biznesu

We have been introducing BIM technology in KWADRAT Polska since 2016. During these 3 years, we tested the available software, implemented standards of documentation, checked the possibilities of presenting the model both at meetings with the investor and at the construction site.


To make our work always at the highest level, members of the KWDRAT Polska team took part in numerous conferences devoted to new technologies.


Now we are ready:


  • We have specialists in the field of BIM / Revit / Dynamo;

  • We design in many areas in Revit / IFC environment, we detect collisions at the design stage;

  • We have the best software available;

  • We are ready to work with a point cloud;

  • We have documents standardizing work in BIM (BEP - BIM execution plan).

But we don't stand still, we are still training, we are developing our facilities base and we are even better with every project made in BIM.